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We aim to cover all your locksmith needs, no matter how big or small.


Our locksmith services company has been serving the Mississauga community providing outstanding locksmith solutions. Locksmith Toronto Ontario. has built a reputation of dispatching Mississauga locksmith services teams who provide reliable and quality locksmith services.

Well Trained Technicians

Our Mississauga locksmith team undergoes regular training to keep up with all advances in technology. The hands-on training and practical approach to repair and installation of security systems makes our locksmith services technicians the most trusted and dependable in the Mississauga area.

We understand new car models and the workings of their locks and ignitions very well. As such, we will solve your automotive locksmith concerns including lockouts fast!

Our Range Of Services

  • Changing, repairing and installing all types of locks All Things Keys
  • Replacing, cutting and copying keys
  • Master key services
  • Transponder, chip and remote keys
  • Lock pick
  • Video camera systems
  • Opening/lockout for commercial properties
  • Installation of Intercoms, alarms and security cameras
  • Iron works and even iron gates for security
  • Control systems for granting access
  • Emergency lockout services on a 24-hour basis
  • Remote units
  • Installation and maintenance of Vaults and safes
  • Property lockout for residential and rental properties

Residential and Commercial Customers

Mississauga locksmith services are available to both residential and commercial customers. The specialized commercial locksmith solutions offered will not only enhance the security of your business, but will also curtail employee theft. Our commercial locksmith services range from installing and relocating safes and vaults, as well as their maintenance, access control systems, keyless entry and panic hardware among others.

Our locksmith services also cover installing high security locks, alarm systems, CCTV and the basic grilles and gates in homes and businesses that ensure that you and your property, and above all your loved ones, sleep soundly and are safe all year round.

Emergency Services

Our emergency locksmith services include situations where there are car or home lockouts and roadside assistance. Roadside assistance comprises flat tire assistance, gasoline delivery and jump starting your vehicle.

Getting our Mississauga locksmith team is very simple, just call us on 416-479-0720 and you will be amazed at our fast response time.

Our office main address is 61 Alness St., Toronto ON, M3J 2H2 where you can speak to a locksmith service specialist in person about our products and services. Our Mississauga locksmith team is available 24/7 for emergency locksmith services and all other locksmith service needs. We are timely, knowledgeable, and above all, affordable!


Our team of expert and well-trained locksmith technicians work around the clock to ensure you sleep soundly without any concern about your security.


With people keeping valuable things at their places of residence, secure and efficient security is crucial.


Ever wondered whether your home or office is safe? Have you ever wanted a locksmith service provider that is secure and efficient?


Why bother getting stranded when you can call our Toronto locksmith firm to get yourself back on the road?


Our experts have an eye on the latest innovations when it comes to digital capabilities.

CALL US TODAY 1-888-455-1323

We promise fast response time, as most service calls are responded to within 15 to 20 minutes, depending where you are in the GTA. You can truly depend on the Toronto locksmith services provided by Locksmith on the Way Inc.