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Commercial Locksmith Services

Ever wondered whether your home or office is safe? Have you ever wanted a locksmith service provider that is secure and efficient? Locksmiths that can offer not only efficient service, but also be cheap locksmiths? Would you like to have 24 hours emergency locksmith protection?

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Security has become one of the most important factors in any home or office environment, especially in Toronto. However, apart from cheap locksmiths, it has been established that commercial environments also prefer having 24 hours emergency locksmith services in case of any problems. We at 24/7 Locksmith Services, located in Toronto, are there to fill this need. We are there for you with 24 hours emergency locksmith protection. We also offer these 24 hours emergency locksmith services at a very reasonable price, according to the client’s preference. Considering that there are other locksmith services, we pride ourselves with having the best services, client relations and also pricing lists in Ontario and GTA. We provide security for homes or offices and for any other situations that would require our services.

Duplication and CCTV Installation

Some of the residential services that are similar to the commercial ones include installation of security camera systems, installation of security alarms, file cabinet locks and garage systems. Additionally, they also offer patio door locks, peephole installation, Rim cylinder rekey. This security work is what makes us among the top service providers in the Toronto area. The locks and locksmiths’ work speaks for themselves. The 24x7 locksmiths do their best to ensure that the job gets done satisfactorily. The locksmith professional also deal with lock pick door lock services for clients who find themselves locked out of their houses. They also specialize in dead bolt and replacement and rekey of key in knob lock for the ones who find themselves in situations that their keys break.

Other Services

Some of the other commercial services that are also included are rekey of Rim cylinder and its replacement, peephole installation, emergency roadside assistance, lock pick door services, and dead bolt and replacement and rekey of key in knob lock. These services have come highly recommended by the offices that constantly need to change their locks due to frequent use and subsequent wearing of the locks. For places like banks and commercial areas that tend to keep highly valuable merchandise, 24/7 Locksmith Services offers safe and vault services. These safes and vaults also have the 24 hours emergency locksmith protection and clients are assured of the maximum safety for their valuables.

Licensed Experts

Other than providing all the services that have been mentioned, we have licensed locksmiths, which assures the client of legitimate service concerning parts and the quality of work. The licensed locksmiths have vast knowledge on the work they do. We offer these commercial services in places like Toronto, Richmond Hill, Don Mills, Thornhill, North York, Etobicoke, Markham and Vaughan. Obtaining our 24 hours emergency locksmith protection is very easy. Call us at 647 933-2873 or contact us through our website at locksmith.com. We invite you to drop by at our location 61 Alness St., Toronto ON M3J 2H2. We can answer all the questions that you may have. You may also do your bookings directly from the website.


Our team of expert and well-trained locksmith technicians work around the clock to ensure you sleep soundly without any concern about your security.


With people keeping valuable things at their places of residence, secure and efficient security is crucial.


Ever wondered whether your home or office is safe? Have you ever wanted a locksmith service provider that is secure and efficient?


Why bother getting stranded when you can call our Toronto locksmith firm to get yourself back on the road?


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We promise fast response time, as most service calls are responded to within 15 to 20 minutes, depending where you are in the GTA. You can truly depend on the Toronto locksmith services provided by Locksmith on the Way Inc.