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Hardware Supplies

Our team of expert and well-trained locksmith technicians work around the clock to ensure you sleep soundly without any concern about your security. You are guaranteed first class locksmith services on any locks, security and video camera installation and lockout for commercial, rental and residential property. If you need ignition key replacements for your car, sound and expert advice on video and security installations, then our 24 hrs Toronto locksmith services is just a call away.

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We aim to cover all your locksmith needs, no matter how big or small.


With any type of job, using the right type of tools and accessories makes all the difference with the end result. If you opt to use cheaper products, then you will run the risk of finding that your job will not be properly completed. Then there is the option of making sure that you will not have the longevity assuring that things will hold up if you do not have the right time to make sure that you have the finished product looking good. If that is the case, follow up with the company and individual to ask and find out if the hardware supplies that they are using are of the highest quality.

One company that will be able to assure you that they use only the finest in hardware supplies is Locksmith Toronto Ontario, providing you with the hardware supplies that you need to make sure your job is done right. It is also important that you have your job working for you and your home or business is in good standing for a long period of time.

Hardware supplies that Locksmith Toronto Ontario will service you includes: File cabinet locks, remote keys, Alarm systems, High security locks, Safe and vault services, Lock repair, Security camera systems (CCTV), Master key services, Roadside Copy key and lost key services for car keys, Access control systems, Intercom systems install / repair, Lock pick door lock and key stuck services, chip keys, Ignition key replacements for auto keys such as transponder keys, 24 hour locksmith emergency lockout, Video surveillance services, Iron works and gates, assistance and auto repair, Key automotive and cutting key services.

There is free over the phone estimate that our locksmith specialists can provide you with so if you have any questions about any locksmith services of jobs then please feel free to contact us now. Toronto Locksmith Services is always available 24/7 to assist you. We would be happy to explain to you in more detail how our locksmith products and services can better your security and peace of mind. Providing services in Toronto, we are located in Toronto ON, and can answer any call within the GTA including offering hardware supplies.


Our team of expert and well-trained locksmith technicians work around the clock to ensure you sleep soundly without any concern about your security.


With people keeping valuable things at their places of residence, secure and efficient security is crucial.


Ever wondered whether your home or office is safe? Have you ever wanted a locksmith service provider that is secure and efficient?


Why bother getting stranded when you can call our Toronto locksmith firm to get yourself back on the road?


Our experts have an eye on the latest innovations when it comes to digital capabilities.

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We promise fast response time, as most service calls are responded to within 15 to 20 minutes, depending where you are in the GTA. You can truly depend on the Toronto locksmith services provided by Locksmith on the Way Inc.